Chuckles the courageous

by arianne

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Charlie had a birthday recently. I am the mom to an 8 year old.  He asked me tonight to call him Chuckles.

At his school, they did a small celebration, and asked about each of his years.

He couldn’t remember anything.

Because he doesn’t realize

he woke from being asleep, just last year.

The autism sleep.

He has to re-learn things like how to be with people.

Just like those people who lived in a bunker for 50 yrs had to re-learn how to relate to the world.  {Do “those people” even exist?}

He couldn’t recall, or didn’t know, his favorite color.

He didn’t know the name of his old school.

He didn’t know his favorite toys.

It was as if he’d not been here at all…

But he knows the Carolina coast. He tells us we have four kids, not three.  He misses Mabel almost as much as I do.

And he’s here now. Where things aren’t perfect, but he’s getting there.

He is amazing.  He is courage.

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