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Most people who know me know that my children are on a pretty restrictive diet.  Because of their allergies and sensitivities, we have had to cut out gluten, dairy, corn and soy from their plates.  You might be thinking that those foods are in everything. And you’d be right.

Because this diet is a way of life, it means our lives are pretty different than typical families. We need to constantly find new recipes the kids will enjoy and are “allowed” to eat. We needed to switch to a plant based diet with healthy meats and nuts and seeds, and we really needed to think out of the box when it comes to planning meals.

I was recently introduced to the company Vitamix (who are celebrating 90 years old, isn’t that amazing?), and their beautiful Vitamix blenders.  I’m sure many of you have your own Vitamix, but I don’t and I was amazed — this machine just looks incredible!  It truly does seem like it’s blown the roof off the “blender” category and created a category all it’s own.  I’m excited at the thought of making our own cashew butter and to make a green smoothie that really is “smooth”.  It’s not the green factor that bugs the kids, it’s the texture. Go figure!  Looking through the testimonials of Vitamix users, I find myself getting inspiration and wanting to try foods I’ve never had the inkling to try.

Because I’m ALL about the story, I thought I’d share this really cool concept with you guys. For those of you that have a Vitamix, I’m sure you’re a total fan. I’ve discovered that people feel STRONGLY about their Vitamix machines!  I love that!  So here’s the deal.

Do you have a Vitamix story? Have you been inspired by the machine itself to try new recipes, create fun inspiring meals or just to eat more healthy?

Vitamix wants to hear your stories! They are actually building a you-can-hold-it-in-your-hands coffee table 90th anniversary keepsake book full to the brim of inspiring stories.  They are choosing 50 stories.  Wouldn’t it be cool to be published? Oh yeah! But even better….?

Every author chosen wins a free Vitamix! That is 50 authors, 50 chances to become published and 50 Vitamix blenders being given away.

You can send your stories in to Vitamix (take a look at the writer’s guidlines, there are some stellar tips!) and the deadline to submit is Friday (so get to typing now!)

Even if you don’t normally enter this kind of thing, take a moment to consider this. It would be so fun to get a Vitamix Book and read your story in it! I’d love for one of my readers to be chosen. I want to feature you and your story here if you get picked, so please let me know if you do!


Vitamix is sending me my very first Vitamix blender for helping them promote this fun campaign, and to try out for myself. I can’t wait to share all the details!

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