Because I’m Getting Bangs

by arianne

I am getting my hair cut today. The first time in about a year.

I have anxiety about this for some reason.  Not because I don’t love getting my hair did.

Maybe because I haven’t had it cut since before I was pregnant?

It’s one of those “firsts”.  The kind that bring anxiety.

If I like it, I’ll share a pic here later. Maybe.

In the meantime, how about some encouragement? I’m reading my own post today, as if I didn’t even write it. I needed to hear it. Maybe you do too?

You who are feeling the effects of the slowness of this life. Who long for heaven as if you’ve been there before. As if you remember what it was like. As if you had a taste of it only to be put back in the tedium of this world.

This is for you…

{{Please click to read the rest over at (In)Courage today}}

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Because you asked…


And because I think it’s hilarious…me trying to be dramatic, and all that comes into focus is the house, not my blue steel look…


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