It’s A New Season

by arianne

It’s time to return from the not announced sabbatical I took in August. {she grins sheepishly…}

We have been growing and healing and changing. It’s a beautiful thing to see, watching Spirit-power transform each and every one of us. Word confirmed, life changed.

But oh, the lack of sleep. {yawn}

School started in middle August, and somehow instead of having more time, I have less. My mind’s creative space seems to grow while the time to do anything slips through my fingers like sand.  We are all up at 6am. SIX ayem people!

Somehow getting up earlier made their legs grow.  And their attitudes. And their hearts.  I wish I could bottle this first day of school moment, us out in the driveway before the sun was even all the way awake.

The mosquitoes WERE certainly awake tho, and it was a morning for cowboy boots.


Charlie has big boy ankles in that photo.

I started a sewing class. I can’t tell you how therapeutic it is to sew, something I had no idea about before August 2010. Why? Never even turned on a sewing machine in my life.

This class is shaping up to be soul changing.

I have told you before about this year, and how this new me with new skin is still a bit uncomfy. Still ill-fitting a bit.  I grow and grow and these are good things


I come across a new me weekly. I would like to marinate in the “me” for a while, but who is that? It seems to keep changing.

Or maybe it’s not a changing so much as an unveiling.  It feels like digging deep, and just when I think I’m done digging, God says NO and more layers are unearthed.  And I say “ooooh yeah, I knew that part of me was in there. wow. ok. so.”

All good things.

And this last weekend of summer feels like this awesome jumping off point where I’m a bit terrified and a lot excited.  I can’t remember ever feeling this refreshed for a new season before.

But I’ve missed you all. And want to know, does the beginning of fall feel like a new season in your soul too?

What’s new with you? Are you sleeping well? Do you know how to sew?  Any beginner tips to share? Are you discovering new layers of you, too?

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