My Purse, It Has Layers

by arianne

I got inspired by my friend Allison to do a “what’s in your purse” post. Why does this fascinate me SO MUCH? I know not.  But it does.

First, the bag:


Next, the what’s-in-it:


{{this is why I carry a huge bag}}

So beginning at the top…

1.  hypotrochoid art set that my son was playing with

2. small “birdy purse” as I call it, that tiny things go into, from Anthropologie, of course (from a few yrs ago, sorry!)

3. cards from etsy with my favorite – a hedgeie – on them, because I plan to write more handwritten letters

4.  my “make love not war” water bottle

5. the book “Stillmeadow and Sugarbridge” written in the 50′s {I plan to share it’s amazingness with y’all next week)

6. plane tickets from San Diego this past weekend

7.  mascara, lip gloss, moisture stick, deodorant, rescue remedy, vitamins

8.  earbuds

9. zipper pouch from the pleated poppy

10. silly bandz for which to give as incentives for being good, doing chores, etc

11.  seashells from Palm Beach

12. Mabel’s bracelet

13.  my favorite ring right now, I wear it even if I’m laying around in yoga pants because it makes me happy {from a local boutique}

14.  stevia to sweeten my tea with when I’m out and about

15.  sunglasses

16.  my ideabook. (moleskin)

17.  iphone

18.  my “wallet” (a Coach wristlet) until I find one I love

19.  keys

20.  a book I just discovered in our boxes of ancient books. copywright is unknown, but all these books we picked up were published around 1900. this book is called “Scott’s Poems” and it’s a collection of poetical works by Sir Walter Scott.  I just started reading and it makes me feel like channeling Princess Buttercup.

21.  on the floor, a bandaid wrapper. fell out of mah purse.


I would love to see what’s in your purse!  Leave a link in the comments if you’d like to play along.

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