We Celebrated

by arianne

My dad has always called me “princess”.

He still does.

But this day was about the queen.

{{and she won’t like me calling her that}}

It was her birthday.  Her day to feel the specialness that makes up her being.

She is my mama.


She requested my organic whole wheat chocolate chip cookies in lieu of cake and I happily obliged.

We found sparkly pink drinks and gave her six glass butterflies, one for each granbaby.  Even Mabel.


We gathered on the veranda (or VUH-RAHN-DA as we like to call our big porch).

We laughed at the one magic candle she tried to blow out.


The lush humidity made us sweaty and glowy. My lens kept fogging, making our pictures ethereal.

Like a fog rolling in, we marveled at the smokey country southernness of our life.

We were joined by wasps and lizards and frogs and didn’t bat an eye.

Because we’re always joined by them.


The night concluded with a solid game of Monopoly.

{{which is still raging on today…five days later…}}

My bestie Sara Sophia inspired me to celebrate more.  To make it special – even if it’s with effort, instead of with pocketbook.

I’m so glad we did.


**Check out my Flickr stream for more photos…

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