Take your hope pulse

by arianne

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To follow up on this whole Hope thing…

This Hope is not based on the idea that we will be free of pain and suffering.  It’s not a Pollyanna optimism, wishful thinking, “find the silver lining!” kind of hope.  It’s not something that yields to frustrations or defeat.

Because it’s anchored.

This Jesus Hope stands firm, serene, strong, even in the face of loss.  Or in the face of terminal cancer.  In the face of everything.  Even our own death.

We endure Good Friday because we are confident Easter morning is coming.

This is why having that anchor is so important.  This is why we can’t live with out it.

We will be smashed down, dragged out, and brought to our knees again and again by this world.  Either literally or spiritually.

Take your Hope pulse.

Is it beating?

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