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by arianne

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We are very selective about the activities we have the boys involved in, because not just any sport will work.  Team sports are pretty challenging right now, and if we don’t do those, what else is left?  There are only so many bears to intimidate in the forest.  Actually there’s none.  So you see our problem.

One of our favorite things for years has been the introduction of karate into the boys’ lives. Karate not only gives them something to do (aren’t all moms looking to solve THAT problem?) but more importantly we view karate class as a sort of therapy.  Occupational therapy to be exact.  The deep pressure that comes from the punching bags and the discipline that comes from learning the positions — it’s all so beneficial to their developing bodies.

Parents of special needs kids, hear me when I tell you that martial arts will help your kids regulate their bodies, help them have better impulse control, and give them another 2-3 hours a week of “integrated” socialization.  Those three things can mean THE WORLD for the quality of home life for the entire family.  Also, there’s the whole confidence boosting aspect.

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The boys feel accomplished by moving up in their belts, by the praises they receive for holding still, remembering positions, and helping out the younger kids in the class.  They are inspired to work hard by their instructor and can’t wait to go each week.

Well, at least that used to be how things were.  Since we’ve moved and been through everything we’ve been through, we have yet to find a karate studio that we can afford and which works for our family’s schedule.  We had begun to worry that maybe karate just wouldn’t be on our plate here in South Carolina, but we kept up hope that something would work out.

This is where our Tropicana Juicy Rewards came in.  Some moms have been able to get a massage, some (like us) have taken in the local children’s museum, but this time, the rewards meant even more.  The Tropicana Juicy Rewards allowed my boys to get back into karate!


How?  Well, for only 5 points we get an entire month at 50% off the regular cost of classes from one of our local martial arts studios.  For karate to be therapy for the boys, they need to be going at least twice a week every week.  Half off that cost?  Well it gives us a HUGE head start to getting them involved again, and more importantly it gives us the incentive to finally dive in and commit ourselves to adding this much needed practice back into our weekly routine.

We’re so excited to begin this journey, with such an easy doorway getting us on our way!

I am part of a project with Tropicana to spread the word about their new Juicy Rewards program.  Have you redeemed Juicy Rewards yet?  It’s so easy!  Here’s what you do:

You may already buy their juices, so earning points will be easy for you, just sign up for an account and anytime you buy their products you make sure you keep the caps to enter in the codes.  The more points you have, the bigger the deals.  Easy peasy.

The rewards span from family outings like the one we had at the museum, to discounts on shopping to rewards towards massages and spa treatments, and of course to classes like karate or yoga or whatever is near you.  It all depends on where you live, each city/region has their own tailored set of rewards and local businesses are definitely involved.

If you’d like to open your account with a free point ($5 savings) to get you started, simply set up your account (super easy), enter MOTHE-RHOOD in the “enter codes” field, and you’re good to go.  *Please note this is for new accounts only and must be used within 6 hours of opening your account.*

You may want to fan/follow Tropicana on Facebook and Twitter, where they sometimes offer rewards codes for more free points!


JuicyInsider150x50I am working with Tropicana and was given free reward points and compensation in connection with redeeming the points and to share my story.

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