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Me with Sheila Tan

“You have a lot to do, and nothing to prove.”

That was one of many jewels I took away from an incredible event a few weeks ago in NYC. Think about that quote for a second…because, girl.   YOU DO.  And you don’t.

The quote is from Sheila Tan, the Vice President of Marketing and Chief Marketing Officer of Align Technologies, the company that makes Invisalign Teen, a clear alternative to metal braces.  She’s such a kindred spirit, we had crazy things in common, and our group of bloggers learned so much from all she had to share about her work, the product and her life.  She inspired me with her positivity, her “you get what you put out there” mentality about life and her passion for women.  I just LOVE when women support each other!


Me with Alli

I was very interested in attending this event because having children on the autism spectrum I knew we will be dealing with orthodontia issues for years to come.  It’s yet another thing spectrum kids have in common — crooked teeth.  Strange as it sounds, it’s true.  The sad thing is, we have these kids with incredible teeth straightening needs who also have a total inability to tolerate metal braces.

Invisalign event

Me with Jen

The sensory issues my kids have mean that just brushing teeth each night is a battle, they are so sensitive to anything in their mouths.  Imagining them getting braces, tolerating the day to day of living with braces, never mind how it changes your diet (because lots of foods are a no-no), the thought makes me cringe and break out in a sweat.

Invisalign Event

Me with Alli and Linda

It was really exciting to discover that Invisalign now makes Invisalign Teen (more like Teen/Tween, since kids can use the system as soon as their baby teeth are out) and most of the worries I had about braces disappear when considering Invisalign Teen for my kids.  Here are some of the things I learned:

  • About the same cost as braces and covered by most insurance.
  • Can treat a huge array of cases, not just simple and not just cosmetic.
  • Treatment is usually only about a year long, depending on the case.
  • Much less painful than braces.
  • No food restrictions as you simply take out the Invisalign “tray” when you eat!
  • Provided with 6 trays in case of loss (and they actually told us the redemption rate on this is low — the kids don’t want to lose them and have to go to braces!)
  • No trips to the ortho for broken brackets or loose wires (my friends who are moms of braces tell me this would be a HUGE TIME SAVER, not to mention one less thing my kids would have to deal with).

I can’t tell you how exciting it is to hear that my boys have this option, because I honestly wondered if they’d just have to live with how their teeth turned out, no matter the emotional or physical consequences, because of their inability to handle braces.  THIS IS HUGE, PEOPLE.  They won’t have to have one more strike against them.  They won’t have to be stressed out and in pain and be miserable with either choice they make.  There is a third choice besides braces or no braces, there is Invisalign.  The takeaway quote?

“There is hope, they can do this. They will be ok.”

We learned all this information at this simple yet elegant event, from Sheila and from Dr. Jacqueline Fulop-Goodling (a fabulous orthodontist that was just SO SMART I could listen to her all day), and after all that were pampered with massages and mani/pedis on the rooftop of a swanky boutique hotel.  Yes, it was work!

Invisalign eventAbove: Jennifer, Jo-Lynne and Jen

Truly the best part was spending time with the amazing bloggers who attended, and getting to know the people behind Invisalign.  We had so much fun together, planned global domination and got lip gloss consultations.  You know, the usual.

Do you have any questions for me about Invisalign?  If so, feel free to ask in the comments or email me privately.  Also check out the parents section of Invisalign Teen or check your area for preferred providers (those most experienced with Invisalign and the best for consults to see if you or your child would be a candidate).

NOTE: For any of my New York readers, Dr. Jacqueline Fulop-Goodling is offering a $500 Invisalign Discount at any of her three New York Offices. You just need to mention that they read about it on my blog and she will honor the discount. Locations and additional information can be found on her website: http://www.drjackiesmiles.com/

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