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by arianne

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I promise that it’s not really my intention to be counter-culture, things just always work out that way.  It could become increasingly suffocating and frustrating and demeaning if I let it, or let others make me feel that way, but instead it’s taught me the importance of finding my tribe.

Here are the top reasons people think I’m crazy and/or hate me:

  • I talk and write about Jesus openly.
  • We never go to doctors because I can almost always treat the kids with homeopathic remedies, colloidal silver and an adjustment from the chiropractor.
  • I have my babies at home and in water (on purpose).
  • I think the majority of processed foods are gross and fake and mostly not food at all. But I love me some Hot Tamales.
  • My kids have a crazy restricted diet because it makes their autism symptoms/characteristics better if not almost nonexistent for short spurts like when we’re out and about.  For them, it works.
  • I promise you they are well fed, even if when you see them they are only eating organic potato chips and dill cashews (because most of their foods aren’t “to go” foods).
  • We don’t vaccinate.
  • I raise my hands in the air at church.  I guess that’s crazy love?
  • That church is apostolic (Pentecostal).  Love me anyway?
  • I don’t like Nutella.
  • I am not Republican or Democrat.
  • I am a biblical pacifist.
  • I really really love mushrooms.  Especially with capers.
  • I homeschool my kids.
  • We broke the news about the truth about Santa, the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy last Dec.
  • I like the Twilight series.  Love me anyway?
  • We want to adopt an inter-racial child.
  • We don’t drink tap water.  Fluoride is not your friend.
  • I use mostly organic products or fragrance or chemical “free” products because of how sick we get otherwise.
  • I think environmental issues like reducing waste and cleaning our air are important only because I think we’re stewards of this world.  Not because I believe in global warming.
  • We muscle test food at the store to see if we’re allergic.  Yes, we get looks.  Yes, it works.
  • I hate reality tv except for dancing shows and Idol.  All the rest make me loathe the world.
  • My husband is labeled a conspiracy theorist, even though he’s right. Love us anyway?
  • I put mustard on almost everything.

So, did I confirm your stereotypes? Shatter them?  Until I think of more to add, will you share some things about yourself that make you “crazy”?

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