Beauty is as beauty does

by arianne

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These women inspire me to draw a line in the sand, step over it into beauty, and never look back at the ugly.

Casey pulls on our perceptions, shows us how our culture is so very very VERY far from reality of what beauty is.  Don’t miss her lovely display of photos of women we all love.

Sarah is doing a series on beauty, and it’s a do-not-miss, my friends.  This post, reminds me of myself all through my life.  Being an early bloomer, feeling the pangs of looking womanly before any of my friends.  Having those emotions shape me in ways I do not like and I will not allow to continue. She puts it all out there.  She says:

Ugly is turning over in bed after an argument when I know we should be working it out. Ugly is the back-0f-the-mind thought that someone is less than me. Ugly is being lazy when I know I should be washing the dishes. It’s being jealous for someone else’s success.  Ugly doesn’t rejoice with them. It’s having a busy heart when I should be focusing on my family. Ugly is immature men speaking lies and affecting a young girl’s sense of worth.  Ugly is me believing them.

I’m done with being ugly. Obsessing about my size, whether small or large, is ugly.

Go read the rest…

Our daughters and nieces are watching.  They watch every single thing we do and every single thing we feel.  They don’t just watch our appearance but also (and more importantly) our behavior.  They want to know how to navigate to Truth.  How to find the honesty in all this noise. We can show them the way.

Step out of ugly, step into truth.  One step at a time.

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