Abundant Moments

by arianne

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Each moment of the year has its own beauty…a picture which was never seen before and shall never be seen again.

–Ralph Waldo Emerson

It was our first “official” family outing since we’ve moved here to the South last November.  Mama wasn’t sick or sad, we weren’t just heading to church or running to the park.  We leave and do things together all the time, but they aren’t much more than just getting things done and getting some energy out. {note to self: remedy this.}

The day was special.

We got to try out the Children’s Museum of the Low Country here in Charleston last weekend, and what fun we had! Discovering a myriad of ways you can send a golf ball down a tube or across the room is a science and an art.

Hanging out in the play Charleston Market, stocked to the gills with food that you gather into your shopping card and check out with pretend money and real excitement (and you can be the check out person, too, to all your beep beep beep heart’s content), exploring the grocery aisles the way kids wish they could in the “real” store, was almost more fun than should be legal.

I mean, weighing apples and licking plastic fruit?  Heaven for a two year old boy.

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Taking a ride on the “Charrrleston Treasure”, spinning the pirate wheel off onto adventures of fish and scalleywags and anything else little boys’ hearts can imagine was on the day’s agenda too.

We laughed and smiled and just took our time to love these moments with each other.

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Not what we have, but what we enjoy, constitutes our abundance.

– John Petit-Senn

I want you to find special outings as a family, too.  These moments are each so beautiful, such treasures.  Our busy life can swallow them whole if we aren’t careful.

But I would have missed this special day at the museum had I not had a fire lit underneath me to get me moving and out the door.

How did we end up on this trip gallivanting around the town?  I am part of a project with Tropicana to spread the word about their new Juicy Rewards program.  You may already buy their yumminess (the Pure line makes me swoon), so earning points will be easy for you, just sign up for an account and anytime you buy their products you make sure you keep the caps to enter in the codes. {read below to see how you can get a few extra points to get you started}

The more points you earn, the better the rewards are — this outing to the museum?  We got a buy one get one free admission.  And it was only 2 points!  The rewards span from family outings like the one we had, to discounts on shopping to rewards towards massages and spa treatments.  It all depends on where you live, each area has their own tailored set of rewards and local businesses are definitely involved.

So what do you think?  Is this something that would help get your family doing some new fun things together?  The discount and the new ideas are really inspiring to me.  And I can’t tell you enough what an amazing time we had.

As we left, my not talkative and not typically in a great mood 7 year old said matter-of-factly

“Now that?  WAS AWESOME.”

If you’d like to open your account with a free point ($5 savings) to get you started, simply set up your account (super easy), enter MOTHE-RHOOD in the “enter codes” field, and you’re good to go.  *Please note this is for new accounts only and must be used within 6 hours of opening your account.*

You may want to fan/follow Tropicana on Facebook and Twitter, where they sometimes offer rewards codes for more free points!


JuicyInsider150x50I am working with Tropicana and was given free reward points and compensation in connection with redeeming the points and to share my story.

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