Hope for Haiti

by arianne

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As I attempt to process my own grief, I hear the news of the earthquake in Haiti, the massive lost, and can only imagine how SO many families are now trying to process their own grief and loss, too.  I think about all the children that Compassion International helps there — over 65,000 — and how great the need is, and I feel helpless.

Truth be told, I haven’t been able to read many of the details or look at the pictures.  My heart doesn’t have any room left for it right now, but I read enough to know that the need is so very, very urgent.  Medical aide, food, water, shelter.  They need ALL of it.

I know if you are like me, you may be wondering how you can help, where to turn.

My dear friend Amber is participating in Hope for Haiti — an initiative put together by bloggers hoping to raise money for the American Red Cross and Compassion.

Take a moment to read Amber’s post about how you can donate and win her social media services, or any of the other donated prizes.  She also encourages people to donate directly to Compassion if that’s more your thing.

Please click over, even a dollar can make a difference.  If you can share about this cause on Twitter, Facebook, your blog — whatever, spreading the word is another way to help out as well!

Sending love to all of you.  So much love.

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