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by arianne

When it comes time for choosing gifts for family, we often find ourselves leaning towards personalized gifts for all the grandparents. Most of them already have all the “stuff” they’d ever want, so we’ve found that any gift highlighting the kids is really special in their eyes.

I’ve been getting to know the Creative Memories website checking out their digital personalized photo gifts.  For those of you who don’t know — this is a company that makes oodles of lovely scrap booking supplies, photo embellishments and more. I’m not a scrapper by any means, I wish, but ever since digital scrap booking has become popular I’ve been really intrigued. The thought that I could get similar results without having to stock supplies at home sounded really do-able for me.

Once I learned that Creative Memories’ goal is about preserving stories, I was hooked. Preserving my own stories of being a mom to special needs kids is exactly what I’m all about!

creative memories

The best part is that Creative Memories has some fun gifts on sale right now that combine the pretty of scrap booking with the irresistible aspect of those adorable personalized gifts from kids. They have the mugs and the mouse pads, and the t-shirts and posters, but what really caught my eye are their photo panels. These panels almost look like you put your photo on canvas, and can be on the table, on the wall, anywhere really! I love the idea of spreading one photo over three panels and having the dramatic effect of a landscape on my wall.

I can’t wait to try these things out, and all these gifts are 15% off from now until December 4th at midnight.  Check it out and let me know what you think!

Win it! You can also enter to win a Holiday Prize Pack from Creative Memories over here.  Have fun!

**This post is a part of the Creative Memories–Blissful Media campaign. This post is sponsored but as always my opinions are not.

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