We rejoice

by arianne

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Yesterday a guest post I wrote for Sarah Mae went up on her blog, Like A Warm Cup Of Coffee.  Please go check it out, it’s about God and autism and it was an honor to write something for her while she is busy moving her family to a new home.

It’s funny, because I wrote that post a full month ago, and seeing it today it ministered to me.  My own words!

Things with the boys have changed so much in the last month…well let’s hope it’s not “change” but just regression.  I read that post and longed for how the boys were a month ago.  Not for where we were, but how we were.

I’m feeling inadequate for their needs this week.  So thankful I don’t have to rely on myself to provide.

A living water fills me up, and overflows, I just need to let it.

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