All Things Water

by arianne

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We spent last week receiving hurricane Ida’s leftovers…our first tropical storm-ish experience. The rain in the South? You guys, it’s incredible. Sheets and sheets came down, loudly and perfectly making us known of their presence, their power. We’d never seen rain like this.

It meant we got creative at home with finding things to do and read and discover. But with the big deck, the kids could still be outside despite the rain. Yet another new experience, new blessing, and new gratefulness.


Our world is still very out of sorts. SO many things are still up in the air, waiting to float down to where they are meant to be. The waiting and wondering and trying to figure out — it makes me exhausted. EXHAUSTED. I could nap right now before even ending this post…

But I can’t.

If I weren’t so hopeful I’d tell you that I’m drowning. In things to accomplish, to do, to understand, to learn. But I know God will work it out somehow. I’m quietly treading water until then.

But my legs are getting tired, and I feel as though the drowning is *right there* around the corner, and I’m not sure if I’m averting it or simply denying it.

Either way, I keep on.

Treading. Waiting. Hoping.

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