How Do You Watch?

by arianne

I have a few favorite shows that I love to put on and just sink into the relaxation of having to think of nothing in that moment.  I know that I’m just sitting there being entertained, but sometimes that is exactly the medicine for what ails.  My days are filled with so much, especially right now with the angst of autism rearing it’s very ugly head with my children, that I can’t always wind down by reading a good book or listening to music.  Sometimes my soul just needs to be taken there.  Soothed ever so slightly, and THEN I can really relax and read and wind down.

Since I’m pretty much never “free” at the exact time the shows are on, we often record them on the DVR, but even then…I’m so exhausted by that time that I am wishing I could somehow lay in bed and get caught up on my shows. With this recent move we lost ALL our recordings on the DirectTV (we are with Comcast now), so you’d think I’d be sad about never getting caught up with my shows like Glee or {tiny voice} Ghost Whisperer.

I wasn’t worried, however, because a little while ago when I was at the Type A Mom conference, Barbara told me about Fancast.  I asked her why I should switch over from Hulu, because it seemed to already be meeting my needs at the time.  I always love to try new things, but I wanted to know what was different about Fancast.

She told me how Fancast just has MORE.  It aggregates from all sources, all sites, so you go to one place and check out your favorite shows.  I pretty much know if Fancast doesn’t have it, no one else does either.  I don’t have time to really be searching around, I pick my “go to” sites for things and I stick with them.  Fancast has become a one stop shop for me, and I think moms will love it.

The commercial breaks are short (usually only 30 seconds) and keep the site free, so I don’t mind it.  The bottom line is that the now and then time I have to watch a show is actually doable now, and–yes–from the comfort of my snuggly bed.

How do you keep up with your favorite shows?  By the way, Fancast also has movies and blogs and celeb chats if that’s your thing too.

Check out Fancast and let me know what you think!


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