by arianne

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I find myself noticing every buzz, whir, sigh of everything in the room.

He won’t listen.  He keeps doing that one thing I’ve asked him not to.  He won’t leave me alone.

It’s all so irritating, like sand in your swimsuit.  Or that tiny rock in your boot, it’s always there, small and menacing.

Grind grind grind go my teeth.

I reflect, and deflect, and try to steer this boat back to the Purpose.  Back to what life is about.  Oh the blessings — that’s right.  They are immense lately.  Humbling, beautiful.  Perfect.

Why did I fall into this trap of aggravation?  I can’t believe how easy it is for Darkness to trick me into believing lies about things, and putting way too much stock in the tiny insignificant.  It won’t be this easy next time.  The shields are up and locks are in place now.  No more free ride.

No more easy access to my buttons.  Push them, and nothing will happen.

This time.

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