Keep the family healthy during cold and flu

by arianne

As Fall is setting in, the weather chills and noses get sniffly, we are all looking for ways to keep the kids feeling well.  Having had my own bout of H1N1 flu last month, and successfully keeping the rest of the family from getting as sick as I was, this is a topic important to me.

With my kids’ sensitivities to so many medicines, including the corn syrup that is in most everything, I’m always looking for a natural way to help them get well (or better yet, not get sick at all!).

We have been using Boiron Homeopathics for years, back before anyone really knew what they were (and maybe you still don’t).  We have always had a large stash of various remedies, and use them for everything from colds, bug bites, head bumps, poison ivy to yes even the flu.  I really don’t know where we’d be without them (well, we’d be sick a lot more often for one!).  It’s our go-to when the kids start feeling bad!

For the bigger things you’ll want to see a doctor trained in homeopathy, but for everyday things a mom deals with you can easily find something to help your kids.  Boiron has some new products (and they sent us some to try) that are specifically for this flu season.

remedies for cold and flu

Thankfully my kids are healthy at the moment, but I am so excited to have these new products to try.  I look at the ingredients and I see the remedies we OFTEN use, so I know they will be a huge help in my family’s health.  I’ve also used the adult verson of Oscillococcinum in the past with great results.

I wrote a post at Lifetime Moms about how I kept our family healthy — in this whopper of a flu season, what things are you doing to keep the kids healthy?  I would love to hear your tips!

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