No Shield

by arianne

I notice a dried tear, dripped down onto my phone.  I look next to it and see more dried tears on the computer.

Crying enough to not even have a spare moment to wipe them away before they drop silently below me, sitting there untouched, fossilized in their salty perfection.  It’s usually the ugly cry, this scene.  Sometimes a sad ugly, sometimes beautiful ugly.  But always a release.

These tears hold many emotions.  I look into them and can see God’s love streaming through like light through the clouds.  So perfect, it.

So perfect, Him.

His Love can bring the tears, use them to wash things away, then use them to fill back up.  It’s the perfection again.  That pain does not have to be there.

The pain won’t be there.

The freedom Love brings can know no single boundary.  No shield can hold it at bay.

That Love feels like velvet under my skin, I can feel it pressing into every inch, just under my skin.  Softness, warmth, moving and moving until it fills every crevice, every place, every thing.  Nothing else can fill what it has now filled.

When it reaches the tips of my toes and fingers and then the top of my head.  I am complete.

Filled with His Spirit, calm and at last.  Peace.

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