by arianne

Today, my sweet soulful tortured artist clone of mine, middle child, turns 5.

Just five short (and very long) years ago he was born at home in the water, the most peaceful labor and birth ever.  He’s a big brother and a little brother, and embraces all the angst and excitement that those roles encompass.  He asks me things like “why does that beetle look so sad?” and “what is sin?“.  He makes me press further into my heart to answer all his many searching life questions.

So, what does your birthday look like when your uncle is getting married on the same day and you and your whole family are in the wedding?  It’s low key, it’s in a hotel room and it means your birthday lasts a whole week to make up for it, and the special-ness is spread out every day.

Allergic to cake, my boy gets melon and popsicles while we sing to him.  Of course, the song is the birthday song from Disney’s Imagination Movers instead of the traditional birthday song, because we are rebels like that.




Happy birthday Jamie!  The world is more intense and more beautiful and more fun, with you in it.

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