Thankful for recovery

by arianne

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I’m now on Day 8 of the Gratitude Challenge from Tiny Prints, but yesterday got to open mysterious Gift #2 and was excited to find a branded Flip phone gifted to me from Tiny Prints.


Isn’t it cute?  They challenged us to vlog our gratitude,  so I put together something that I think really expresses this particular piece of my heart.

When we found out last year that my youngest son would be our third child on the autism spectrum, we had many different emotions.  One thing I can tell you for sure, is that we weren’t certain we’d ever see him doing things like smiling, getting a buzz cut, riding a scooter or even speaking.  We had no reason to think we would see those things, but every reason to believe we would.  We chose to believe.

Since we’d already had experience in these things, early intervention was our first line of defense.  Today, I’m so profoundly grateful that the services, products, doctors and community are out there to support autism parents in helping their children be their best selves.  We have daily struggles with these kids, but we never forget to be thankful for every little piece of progress.

Remember as you watch this video, that it isn’t just a hair cut, riding a scooter, talking, smiling.  It’s proof that hope and faith, and believing in both, are worth every fiber of your being.


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