Leap Frog Ambassador

by arianne

I am one of the Ambassadors for Leap Frog‘s Summer Reading Program, and as one of the Ambassadors I was able to donate Leap Frog Tag Readers and Tag Juniors to local families, the local library or our children’s school.  Here is a quick vlog of our drop off at the school!

The kids felt so proud that we could make this donation, and I know the school is extremely grateful.  Here’ s a picture of Charlie, my eldest, with the school’s principal after we dropped off the donation:


The Tag Reader is most beloved by my two older boys, using those reading toys is the first time EVER that I’ve seen them interested in reading books.  They never would sit long enough to even think of being interested, before!  The Tag Junior is a huge hit in our house, not only because we love the Dr. Seuss books that came with it, but because the board books mean that my youngest can sit and read next to his brothers, in his own way, at his own pace.  These tools are perfect for special needs kids, and I’m proud to spread the Leap Frog love in our town!  Thanks again Leap Frog!

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