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by arianne

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I’m so excited to share some news with you today that I’ve been working on for MONTHS!  Today is the official launch of  Lifetime Moms, a new website and ad network by Lifetime Entertainment geared towards moms of all walks of life.  Myself, along with a group of 13 other mom bloggers have been working with Lifetime since January of this year to launch this amazing project, and I will be the Fit & Healthy Editor of the site!

As many of my readers know, a few months ago I decided to begin chronicling my journey of weight loss here on my blog.  It was a hard decision, and I’m so grateful I took that leap of faith, and trusted that the release in sharing my raw, real stories here would be therapeutic to not just me, but other women as well.  As the site organically grew from just ideas to becoming a reality, it was a perfect fit for me to continue writing about this journey, and my quest for mind/body/tech balance, for Lifetime on the new site.

It’s been such a pleasure working with the people at Lifetime, I truly can’t say this enough.  They are passionate about their work — to entertain, celebrate and support women.  Working with them has been just an extension of my own brand, and it’s been fulfilling and so fun!

My channel is about being Fit & Healthy, and to me that means way more than just fitness and weight loss.  It also means having a healthy heart, mind, family, home and environment.  The channel will explore all of this, as I not only write about my own stories of the journey to health, but also share interviews with the experts, helpful tips and advice for moms.

The other channels are awesome as well, take a look:

Each of the moms chosen has a unique voice, and will continue to maintain their own blog.  We are paid for providing content, but our words and stories are our own.

The ad network is made up of our own blogs, in addition to Lifetime Mom Affiliates who will carry the ads on their sites as well.  The Affiliates are able to be a part of the Lifetime brand, and also have their posts occasionally linked to on the main Lifetime Moms website.

I’m honored to be working with the leading and most trusted women’s media brand out there, as well as my fellow Lifetime Mom editors!  I’d love to hear what you think about the site!

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