New Design, New Me

by arianne

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I’ve been a busy bee behind the scenes (still have a Blogher recap to post!), working and living and parenting and surviving…all the while friends and loved ones have been like magical elves, reshaping and revamping this bloggy home of mine.

What do you think?  If you’re reading this in an RSS reader, you may want to click over to see the new design.

It’s fresh, light, and free.  My new logo was designed by Sarah from  She suggested the logo be a literal translation of my blog’s name, and I set her loose to interpret what that meant.  It’s a lovely mix of funk and 70′s roller derby.  Paired with the light relaxing background, I think it’s entirely ME.  She is a design goddess and is in high demand, but you’d be crazy not to hire her immediately.

The theme and coding and all the other stuff that I forget goes on behind the scenes at websites was done by my brother.  His day job is SEO Director and groom-to-be, but apparently his night job is Web Wizard because he pulled this awesomeness out of nowhere in a matter of hours. Contact me if you’d like to hire him to spread the awesome your way too.

I hope you like how I’ve rearranged the furniture and enjoy the new drapes I’ve put up.  We’ve cleaned out the corners, mopped the floors, and repainted the walls.  It’s time for the next season of life.

I can feel it, can you?

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