Thinking Thin: Pushing Reset

by arianne

Power, Reset
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The past few weeks have been a whirlwind of business travel and school getting out and family vacation and schedules in an uproar. Breathe.

The real Thinking Thin-ner would have been keeping up with exercise, even during travel, and said no to all those lovely Disney World desserts.  Ahem.

So because I’ve joined the latest Shrinking Jeans challenge, and this time we’re in teams — Biggest Loser style — I’ve been hitting the reset button this week and getting back into the groove.  I did lose one more pound in the last week, but I’m thinking I got lucky!

So even though I am not quite back to the beginning completely, and even though vacations are officially impossible to keep up with the diet/exercise thing (at least with my kids…if you’d like to take my kids on vacation and test it out, feel free), I am really happy about one thing.  Portions.  I’ve finally figured out the whole “in moderation” thing.

My eating habits ARE changing, even if slowly, and I can tell that as I continue to NOT GIVE UP, change is coming.  And even small changes add up to big ones, and I think those are the ones that last the longest.

How are you setting the reset button?

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