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by arianne

I just found out that I was nominated for Best Local Chicago Parenting Blog on the Nickelodeon parenting site,! They have a whole section called Go City Kids, dedicated to local resources, support and community.  Be sure to check it out (after you’ve voted for me of course).

I’ve really never been nominated for anything like this before, but I consider this a special honor because of the amazing concentration of awesome blogs we have here in Chicago-land.  Thank you to Parents Connect for the nomination!

Will you vote for me?  How can I coerce you into clicking just 3 times, once on this button, once on my blog name, and once on submit?

How about if I make you cookies?  How about if I post pictures of  my piles of laundry?  How about if I tell you that if you don’t vote for me the terrorists win?  Yes?  That worked?  Ok great!

Like I said, just click here:

For Local Blog
in Chicago

Then do it every day for a month.  M,kay?  Don’t make me remind you who wins if you don’t vote…

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