Thinking Thin: Standing Still

by arianne

Hello, this is me.  At a stand still.  The weight loss, that is.  It’s stuck.

Am I the only person to be 15 pounds into a weight loss journey that is going to be a looong road that hit a plateau this early?

I’m still working hard at all this, still faithful to my Weight Watchers plan, still shredding, walking, yoga-ing. Yet no change.  For 2 weeks.

Yes I was PMS-ing for a week and now it’s my husband’s, family’s, UPS man’s, grocer’s, favorite time of the month (not) for a week, but still.  Will 2 weeks out of every month be my weight loss standing still?  This makes me want to cry.  Or give up.  Or both (usually both).

I think my body is trying to hold on to the weight.  It feels like I’m in a battle of good and evil and my body wants to stay miserable, sluggish, overweight.  Comfortable.

I will win the battle against myself, I know I will, but dang…I need some reinforcements.  Need a little loss.  Even half a pound?  Pretty please?

I weigh in on Wednesdays for the Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans and on Friday’s for Weight Watchers.  I’ll keep on keepin on until Friday.  And then until Wednesday.  And then until Friday…

One step at a time…

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