Thinking Thin: Walk It, Girl (A Giveaway!)

by arianne

As some of you may know, I joined Weight Watchers about a month ago, and have been beyond impressed with the program, the company and the community.  I’m down 14 pounds, loving the feel of my clothes being big on me, and telling everyone I know about this easy and effective plan.

To be counting points and loving it is such a suprise, I can’t say it enough.  I’m a hippy.  A rebel.  And I shun routine (as much as a mom of autism can, anyway), and never imagined I’d actually have fun doing this Points Prance.  I actually enjoy it.  One point here for that chocolate bar?  Ooooo yeah, baby!  I’m dying for pizza?  Well, count the points and pay attention to my portions (one or two pieces instead of 4).

That’s the Points Prance (I just made that up.  I’m in the mood for alliteration, ok?).

I’m a member of the online program, which means I have this lovely little organized way to track my food, water intake, vitamins, and more.  It’s so simple, I get giddy checking things off!

I know my success won’t just be in my eating plan though, which is why I’ve been including some form of exercise almost every single day.  Weight Watchers knows this too, and started the “Blog It – Walk It” campaign and I couldn’t be more excited to be a part of it.  I’ll be doing a local 5K walk in June, and would love any of you local yokels to join me (come on, you know we did a 10K last weekend, this 5K is NUTHIN).  If you’re a WW member you get to sign up to be on my team and get a training guide and a 6 month subscription to WW.

Even if I do this alone, I know that it’s another big stepping stone in my Thinking Thin journey.  One that I’ll cherish, and that I’ll remember as another turning point in my weight loss journey.  To be doing this for ME, well, I still can’t believe I’m keeping at it.  Committing really does work. And so does believing.

So, like I said — I can’t recommend WW enough.  Whether you have 20 or 120 pounds to lose, this is an awesome AWESOME way to do it.  They’re Good People.  And I’m thrilled to be able to give away THREE Weight Watchers memberships (for 3 months) to you guys! I know that this will be the jumpstart you need to keep going (and it’s totally worth it to keep going — you deserve it) or 3 months is all you need to get down to your goal weight (in which case, I hate you.).

To Enter:

1.  Leave a comment here telling me why you want to win.  That’s it.  Why do you want this membership?

2. Tweet about this contest (include @ToThink in your tweet) and leave a comment here with the url to your tweet.  This is one additional entry and can be done up to once per day.

3.  Add my badge to your blog sidebar for one additional entry and leave a comment telling me you did (if my badge is already on your blog, just leave an additional comment letting me know!).

I’ll randomly pick the winners next Thursday, May 7th at Noon.  Good luck!

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