I Would Walk 500 Miles

by arianne

Tomorrow is the big day, the day when I’ll be walking shoulder to shoulder (and likely aching booty to aching booty) with my friends who are like family.  People whom I love deeply, as if they were my own flesh.  I would walk the planet for them if they asked.  Tomorrow is just 6 miles.  And it’s all for the March of Dimes.

If you look at my badge on the right, I’m not quite yet to my goal.  I’m SO close, and I know we’ll get there by tomorrow, but even if we don’t, donations can still come in well after the walk is over.

I walk for Team James and Jake, the twin angel boys of my boo, Beth from I Should Be Folding Laundry.  Her boys left this Earth so early, before any of us were able to make them giggle or tickle their toes or laugh at their baby toots.  Too soon.

I also will be walking in honor of the other children Team James and Jake represent, as well as everybody’s fairy princess, sweet Madeline.

Every little bit counts, every dollar makes a difference. Maybe just for today, put that $5 latte towards this cause.  Or a week’s worth of lattes.

Tomorrow we walk in solidarity and for awareness.  But every day we remember…

Please click here to donate.

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