Thinking Thin: What If I Stumble, What If I Fall

by arianne

I’m one whole month into this whole Thinking Thin thang, and I have to say — I’m pretty shocked that I’ve gone this far already.  The poundage is coming off.  No cheats, and no giving up or giving in.  Despite personal things collapsing around me and having the hardest time with the kids lately, I’ve been sticking to my commitment to myself. I’m in this for the long haul.

However, I did miss one day of shredding.  It was last Sunday, I have plenty of reasons (excuses) for not working out, but I tripped.  I stumbled.  Not in the literal way, but figuratively.  Just fell on down.

And yeah, I felt horrible and guilty — so much so that I was looking around in my kitchen for chocolate like a runaway train until I stopped being unconscious about food, and woke up my brain and smacked myself out of it.

This was the conversation in my head:

Hello self, when you stumble outside, do you lay there on the floor, roll around in the dirt and mire and make things worse?  No, you get back up.  You just keep walking.  Maybe even pretend it didn’t happen, because it was a simple fall.  Not a falling away.  It meant nothing, unless you make it something.  Not working out today?  It doesn’t mean you’ll stumble tomorrow, but so what if you did?  It doesn’t define you, it’s just what it is.  So make it what you want it to be.  No victims allowed here.

I don’t know if you have conversations like this in your head (am I crazy?  likely.) or if you are this “take no prisoners” with yourself, but you may want to try it.

I have my friend Lori, my friend Erika, my sister, my mom and my dad and my husband all doing the 30 Day Shred with me.  Countless more are inspired by the peeps at Shrinking Jeans.  They all love to hate and hate to love Jillian Michaels (and me), but they’re doing it.  They may stumble, but they pick back up again, dust off, and keep going.  I’m so proud of them!

What are you doing when you stumble?  What gets you back up and moving in your life?

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