Thinking Thin: Strength

by arianne

“Inward calm cannot be maintained unless physical strength is constantly and intelligently replenished.” –Buddha

This week I’ve been thinking about how strong I am. Mostly physically, but I can see the mental strength fast approaching. How can strength feel so elusive and impossible sometimes? Can’t we just lift a few 5 pound weights and have the heart of a lion?

Lion Heart
Image by the__edge via Flickr

I started day 11 today of the 30 Day Shred, and that means day one of Level 2. I wanted to die, it was insanely hard, but I didn’t give up. This work out pushes me past the point where I’d normally give up and give in. It makes me realize I can handle way more than I give myself credit for. It makes me realize that I don’t push myself nearly enough.

I’m still losing weight and am down a size in the 3 weeks since I started, but I’m considering firing the scale for saying my weight was *up* today. I know the inches are down, and I try to focus on that. I have been pushing myself, every single day, and as much as I love seeing the physical results, the change in my mind is beyond description.

I’ve stopped making excuses for myself (and, ahem, taking them from others) and I’m getting stronger each and every day. Even if it just means that I don’t let myself be weak in my own convictions, that’s enough for a total life change.

I love taking care of myself…and the diet and exercise lead to other things. I’m taking more baths, taking time to really soak and de-stress. I’m taking better care of my home. And of my family. Heck even the dog is getting more of me.

When our muscles get bigger, so does our soul. Who knew?

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