Things Will Get Brighter

by arianne

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**My fabulous rainbow cake, rainbows are funky AND fancy

I’m enjoying all kinds of email, text, phone, bloggy (read about how I forced Beth to eat something exotic), mama (go read my mom’s post, y’all) Facebook and Twitter love today.  It’s surreal to have such a loving and friendly community online and in real life, to chime in and remind me that I am loved.

Starting out the day not wanting to get up is never fun, but especially not when it’s your birthday.  Bills to pay that we can’t pay, one child having yet another meltdown, another tossing his cookies like it’s his job.  I really didn’t want to deal.  Didn’t the world know that today was my special day?

But then a song came on (I had music on, it didn’t just come on in my head…or did it?) and I heard the words , “oooh oooh child, things are gonna get easier, ooh ooh child things will get brighter…”

I chuckled to myself, because even though the song didn’t necessarily cheer me up (eating the above cake for breakfast did) I knew there was no way I could ignore the song and pull the covers over my head, no matter how badly I wanted to.

I really am optimistic that this year will be great, and I know when I focus on the good, it’s already been great.  If we choose hope, we have all we need.  So I am hopeful.

“…we’ll put it together and we’ll get it all done…”

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