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by arianne

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Welcome to the party!  I’m so glad you came.  I’m Arianne, and I am bad at small talk.  Want to just come on in?  There’s a door prize, so keep reading…

I live in Chicago-land but am a California girl at heart.  Chicago is wooing me, big time, but I’ll always have a bit of hippy-ness to me.

At this blog you’ll find my story.  My story of my life and my family, my job and my mothering.  Not surprisingly, a big part of what I write about is my three boys.  All of them have autism, all of them are on a constant life roller coaster, and all of them are absolutely magical children.  I like writing about special needs parenting, because I know as a reader I appreciate the voice it gives parents like me.  I’m honored to be my kids’ mom.

I love to vlog, even though I don’t do it that often.  One of my favorite videos is me showing my kids and their cuteness. Take a look:

Begging For Mercy from To Think Is To Create on Vimeo.

One of my favorite posts is called 50 Things I Like About Myself.  Not because I think I’m necessarily super cool, but because the exercise of jotting all 50 things down really made me view myself in a new light.  If you want to post 50Things too, please leave a link here in the comments.  I’d love to get to know you! Be sure to check out the comments on the post to read what others said about themselves too.  We ladies can be so hard on ourselves sometimes, so anything that empowers and inspires is something I hold on to.

I love to laugh and to make people laugh (really is there any better thing in life?), but most of my writing here is usually more of the “pouring out my soul” variety.  For pithy one liners and over all goofiness, come find me on Twitter.

If you like to do reviews, get cool perks or participate in fun campaigns, you’ll want to know that I’m also the Director of Community Development for One2One Network.  I love my work with them, because I get to work with bloggers I admire and adore, and I also get to give peeps free stuff.  Blogging does have it’s perks, right?

I’m also one of the WalMart Elevenmoms, a social media group that was created to start a conversation in blogland, one that was independent (i.e. we are are not a hive mind) and one that could help shape what WalMart was doing in this web 2.0 space.  I’ve met incredible people and have had some great opportunities.  Lots more to come in the future!

What else you should know before you go win an awesome prize: I am a Twilight addict, I love to dance (especially The Carleton), and I enjoy smart people doing smart things.

What should I know about you?  I’d love to hear it.  In fact, I’m giving away a Flip Video Camera to one of you just for telling me something interesting about yourself.  Cool, eh?

How to Enter:

1.  Leave a comment here telling me one interesting thing about yourself.  Don’t make it lame or it won’t count.  This comment is required for entry!

2.  Post about this contest on your blog, leave your link in an additional comment, and you get one additional entry.

3.  Tweet about this contest (include contest link and @ToThink in your tweet), leave the link to the tweet in an additional comment. You get one additional entry per tweet. This can be done up to one time per day until giveaway is over.

4.  Grab the code for my blog badge (in the sidebar!) and post on your blog or social media site, leave each link in a separate comment for additional entries.

All entries will be verified, I look forward to hearing everyone’s comments!  Contest ends March 27th at noon, the winner will find out that day.  Good luck!!

Thanks for visiting my party, I can’t wait to come see yours!


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