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by arianne

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I’m preparing myself to leave for SxSWi tomorrow, a conference full of geeks, artists and fabulous networking galore.  I’ll have to leave the house around 4am to make my flight, but I can’t wait.  I love to travel, love new experiences, and new people, and lately – new food (reformed picky eaters unite!).

I’m also gathering some amazing guest writers for you while I’m away.  A fun way to give y’all something pretty/moving/fun to come and look at while I’m off taking over the world, while also giving you the heads up on some really cool peeps that you may not have read before.  I can’t wait.

I’m talking about traveling *not* with special needs kids today, because leaving them at home can be just as hard as taking them.

The weather in Austin will be a 25 degree difference between tomorrow and Sunday.  Can you tell American Airlines it’s not my fault and they shouldn’t charge for that second suitcase?

I can’t wait to meet new friends face to face for the first time, see people I admire and adore, and be reunited with close friends I rarely get to see.  But I will also miss my BFFs here at home who can’t be there.  Some day, dearies!

However, what’s on my heart and mind at this very moment is the jet plane sticker on the back of my hand that my son put there.  It is supposed to help me not be lonely while I’m away.  He claims it can also give me hugs and tell me jokes, but we’ll see.

**Using song lyrics as post titles is totally inspired by the mind of Adventures in Babywearing.  Go read her blog and fall in love.

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