There Must Be Some Way Outta Here

by arianne


**The dog’s new escape route.

I’m thinking my little miss puggle dog prayed for yesterday’s storm, a freaky black tornado-ey storm that not only had my kids terrified in the basement asking us things like, “how does a tornado kill you?“, but that also blew our back yard fence off its posts.  The pup, she wants to roam free, so it’s either an evil genius plan for an escape route, or she wanted easy access to the Indian food restaurant behind our house.

Today we all woke up way too late, the kids missed school, and I’m wondering how long I can go without putting on a bra.  Why does it seem like such a big deal to put one on?  One of the mysteries of life.

I’m preparing to go to Austin, TX on Friday, for the SXSWi convention (thanks to my sponsors WalMart and Bissell for making it all possible!).  I’m hearing the formerly expected 80 degree heavenly temps have now been changed to 40′s and rain.  I still blame my dog.

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