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by arianne

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3257129062_78622738ef**Mrs Fussypants and I after all the swag bags had finally been filled**

It’s going to take some time to come down from the high that was Blissdom 09, because despite the estrogen and pink overload (Lord have mercy) it was really truly an incredible weekend.  Were you there?  Leave your link in the comments so we can all find you and read about your experience!

I have a unique perspective since I wasn’t exactly an “attendee”, but worked the event with my fellow One2One Network cohorts.  As a blogger and writer and social media addict, I was able to really notice and appreciate what I witnessed around me.  Connections, relationships.  Love being actualized, as each woman met that bloggy friend/crush that she had admired and read and adored.  It was really special to witness from the outside looking in, as I ran back and forth, and helped make sure things ran as smoothly as possible.

I knew what surprises were in store for everyone, and had such a blast watching their faces as the fun (or, ahem, men) unfolded.

I have more to share, so many beautiful faces to tell you about, generous sponsors to thank, and more.  I also still owe you fabulous Disney Cruise stories, and so much more.  All of it will be worth the wait.  Promise.

For now I’m cuddling my almost 7yr old (something he has never wanted to do…sometimes being away has it’s perks) and recovering from a bit of the BlissFlu.  Be sure to watch the BlissDom conference site for pics, and don’t forget that you can buy transcripts to all the sessions (including the one I moderated on Writing/Passion and the one I spoke on, Branding).


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