Balance The Imbalance

by arianne

Since I’m not a resolution maker, my way of starting off the New Year right is to think about how I’d like to grow as a person…in what ways am I not happy in life?  I have to say that there has never been a time that I’ve said “I’m completely happy, no changes needed” on New Year’s Day.

I don’t think this makes me a miserable person–and not being happy with certain areas of my life doesn’t mean that I’m not content.  It means that I am imperfect, the world is imperfect.  There are always ways to improve.  Be a better wife, mother, friend.  Human.

One of my major over-arching goals this year is to balance things in my life that are, and always will be, at an imbalance.  This may seem like an impossibility the way I describe it here–but really it’s not.  Taking things like my mind, my body and my tech (i.e. my job) and forcing them to each individually be balanced is what is impossible.  My mind is a crazy circus that will only calm down for brief periods of time when forced.  My body continues to be a science project as I figure out how to be healthy, and my tech will rarely be harmonious for longer than a day, max.

However what I *can* balance, is the three together.  I am learning how to do take each of the three and give them the time they need and are allowed, without creating such an imbalance that the other two severely suffer (read: 2008 in it’s entirety, mind and body suffered).

I’m not exactly sure how I will achieve this, but I know I must.  It may mean just acknowledging that all three have equal importance to me, and that alone means that time must be made for all.  It may mean introducing new products, ideas, trips and tips into my life and my blog.  It may mean taking an extended break from posting like I did over the last couple weeks…all of it is not without reward.

One of my main passions is this blog, this social media space I share with all of you.  I enjoy the connections we’ve made, the places you’ve taken my mind, the humble nature to so many of your hearts and minds.  You inspire me.

I look forward to continuing this journey with all of you, I so enjoy your readership, your friendship, and your perspective.  We are blazing a trail, as the blogosphere and the momosphere especially continue to take paths not yet forged.  What will this space look like this year?  I can’t wait to see.

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