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by arianne

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In case you haven’t heard the buzz already, BlissDom09 is the conference not to miss as we start out 2009 with a bang. and One2One Network (my employah) have partnered to bring the second installment of BlissDom–bringing women bloggers together for some swank and style in Nashville, TN.

All it takes is a quick perusal of the list of speakers *cough* one of them is yours truly *cough* to see that this conference is going to bring us bloggers the face time with really fabulous ladies that we know, read and love.  The session descriptions give you a taste of what is to come, but there are also many more surprises in store that we haven’t even announced yet (seriously fun stuff, people!).

If you want to be there (and of course you do), take a look at the uber affordable conference fee (early bird pricing ends tonight, so go ahead and jump in!) and the simply awesome Hotel Preston is where all the fun and lodging is to be had (the early bird price for the hotel also ends tonight, so seriously, what are you waiting for?).

I don’t make resolutions, but one of the many ways I would like to transform myself this year is to remember *me*.  Take care of my body, my soul, and everything in between like never before.  BlissDom09 is not only worth my time away from family and my money, but I also deserve it.  Don’t you?

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