Procrastination Is Art

by arianne

Sometimes I have to just laugh at the situations I get myself into by putting things off.  I’d like to say that most of the time the procrastination is a necessity–way too much going on in each overflowing day.  I know I didn’t mean to just now today be sending my Christmas cards.  The month just got away from me…right?

Over the last year I made a promise to myself to start saying yes to anything that I’d normally say no to.  What this turned out to be was saying yes to almost everything.  I’ve not looked back, it really was the best decision ever.  New relationships, new opportunities, an amazing future.  I like being a “yes man” if it means saying yes to life.

We actually saw the movie Yes Man this weekend, and I found myself really happy and proud of myself (how often do we feel that way, right?).  I was happy because I had already made these life changes that the character of Jim Carrey slowly made throughout the film.  I didn’t need to learn that lesson.  I felt proud that I had been sticking my neck out there, when so many times I wanted to just sit at home in my sweats and read about how life happened without me.  Yet again.

So this year has been the Yes Year, but it’s definitely not been the “Git Er Done” year.  I’m hoping to see some progress on that front as I screech in today and yes–mail my Christmas cards on December 23rd.  Really?  Yes really.

I’m also writing about some more last minute-ness, last minute holiday money saving ideas, over at the Real Simple Holiday Blogathon (omg I guest bloggged at Real Simple y’all!) and also about sending baked goodies last minute over here.

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