The Perfect Tool For The Job Seeker

by arianne

Like many families, the economy suffering has meant our livelihood suffering as well.  My husband happens to be in that upper management niche that means he’s either overqualified for available jobs (and therefore not given the time of day as soon as they see his resume), or facing companies not hiring.  Either way it equals a long and laborious job search.

We’ve turned the job search into a team effort, because with all the job listings, job boards, emails to return and contacts to be made, we’ve found it to be quite a large project.  I really wanted to tell you all about one thing we’ve been using lately, because it’s something I think can help you stay uber-organized, and therefore feel a sense of hope and accomplishment when it comes to the job search.

It’s called PerfectJob and it’s software that organizes all your many faceted job search efforts.  My husband and I use it for his search, and we can’t speak highly enough of it.  We’re able to add in everyone he wants to connect with, set deadlines, and make sure nothing slips through the cracks.  Jobs to respond to, research needing to be done, and even interview prep can all be entered in and organized in an intuitive and easy to use way.

Keeping links and job board RSS feeds organized is another plus we really like, as well as organizing which versions of your resume you sent to whom.  My husband has a lot of varied skills, and has 4 different resumes depending on the position.  When all this info is organized, you just feel more at peace, more successful, and as though it’s just a matter of time before you won’t even need to open the program anymore.

The best part is that the software has a 45 day free trial (wouldn’t it be cool if that’s all you needed?!).  Just go to the Perfect Job site to download.  It’s something all job seekers should have in their arsenal, so I hope you’ll check it out and let me know how you like it!

**Update, I just found out from PerfectJob software that they’d like to offer you a 50% discount no through Feb 2009!  Awesome, no?  Just enter this code when you purchase:  PJS-7293-AS

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