Winter time activities for kids

by arianne

Last week marked some amazing milestones in our family, you can read over here about how my formerly special ed son performed in his first play, made mama cry, and basically turned into a rock star right before my eyes.

But this week marks a different kind of threshold–one that I’m not too fond of.  It’s winter, it’s cold.  We get it.  But the kids are over it.  I’m over it.  We all want to go run and play outside, and he have MONTHS, at least 4 left, of sitting inside the house driving each other crazy.

It’s rough on all moms, but especially special needs moms whose kids aren’t really “playing” with toys.  I need your advice–what ideas can you share, what things have you tried and loved?  How can I keep these darlings still my darlings?  How can I keep them all from tearing each other limb from limb, just out of sheer boredom?  Please go here to comment, give me all you got.

If you’re a fan of relaxing and having good music to write, clean, hot bath enjoy-by, then I have a reward for your winter time ideas–head over to my Il Divo giveaway and soak in the handsome.

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