Give thanks, save money: Win $500 Walmart gift card

by arianne

**Contest is OVER, thanks to all who entered!  Winner will be announced soon!

This year has been such a roller coaster year, and I’m thankful for so very much.  My family is (almost) all living in the same place again, my wonderful friends (online and off), and perhaps most of all my children’s amazing progress this year with autism.  Even through all the trials and tribulations we’ve had thrown at us this year, the blessings still stand out, shining brightly above all the hardships.

I’m also so grateful for amazing bloggy opportunities, not the least of which is the chance to give things away to my readers, those of you that are always here to lend an ear, to support me when I’m down and celebrate with me when I’m up.  You’re loyalty humbles me.

That’s why I’m thrilled to have the chance to give away a $500 Walmart gift card, sponsored by Nickelodeon, to one of you just in time for the holidays.  You’ll get your card in time for last minute shopping, and I’m seriously so excited to bless one of you with this gift!  Even better, all the other Walmart ElevenMoms are giving away the same thing, so you have LOTS of chances to win (sorry, you can only win once though!).  Everyone has different rules to their contests, so be sure to read each post carefully.

Most of you know (and can relate to) the fact that the economy has been very hard on our family this year.  The holiday season is a little bittersweet when you can’t celebrate the way you’d like to, or are used to.  I’ve had to become a bargain finder, deal hunter and all around frugal loving mama, and I can’t get enough of the smart and savvy ideas when it comes to inexpensive gifts and ways to save money this time of the year.

This is where you come in! To enter my contest, I want to learn from you, and find more ways to have a fun and frugal holiday.

To enter the $500 Walmart Gift Card contest:

1.  Comment on this post with a money saving tip for the holidays.  It can be about ANYTHING, but make it good and make it count.

2.  You can get two additional entres by posting about this contest on your blog and/or writing about it on Twitter.  This means a total of 3 possible entries per household.  Please either use my Twitter name (@ToThink) or use the tag #Nick11 in your tweet.  Comment here with the url of your post or tweet for each additional entry.

3.  Contest ends December 8th at 12:01am  The top 10 tips will be chosen based on creativity and originality.  The winner will then be chosen at random.  Your tip may even be featured on Walmart’s site, so again, make it good!

Good luck to all of you!  Be sure to check out the other contests for more chances to win!

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