Marketing To women: Epson gets it right

by arianne

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Recently I had the pleasure of attending a Sparkplugging party sponsored by Epson and One2One Network in Chicago.  It was a blast from beginning to end, and not just because of the free flowing drinks and hors d’oeuvres.  Yes, it was a party for Epson to have us all get together to show off their awesome Artisan 800 printer, which of course made the party that much more fun being able to see these fabulous lab quality photos printed out straight from the camera, and handed to the guests.  But it also rocked because the party was held in a stunning lake shore apartment, overlooking the water, in Chicago’s lovely North Lakeshore Drive district.  We were pampered just by being able to go there and hang out, and the staff and ambiance was so laid back and personable, it made the evening very comfy and really fostered the best environment for the most fun part of the evening:  networking with smart and successful women until the wee hours of the morning.  What was scheduled to be a cocktail party, turned out to be a rowsing late night-er that left us all drinking more, gabbing more, and–if you check out the Flickr set–hamming it up more than ever before.

Many of the business savvy women and women bloggers in the Chicago area attended, and it was invigorating being in one apartment with all these great (and fun) minds.  I finally had the pleasure of meeting Wendy Piersall, CEO of Sparkplugging in person, and she’s even more lovely than I could have imagined.  Meeting Liz Strauss was also a highlight of the night, as well as more of my fellow Chicago Mom Bloggers that I had yet to meet in person before that night (waving at Hormone-Colored Days and Deaf Mom!).  Of course I enjoyed hanging with my girls, Beth and Donya (also new CMB-ers themselves), and a party is not a party without Rachel and my sistah from anotha mutha Jen, the Eco Chic Organizer.

These events may seem daunting if you’ve never attended them and have to show up alone (just ask Kim from What’s That Smell?), but the truth is that these women are not only down to earth and fun to hang out with, but they are also so very smart, and so successful, you’d do well to hang out with them at every chance possible.

Thanks to Epson for sponsoring such a great event, and all the swag bag contributors (it was packed with fun randomness, which I adore), and also don’t forget to read my full review of the Artisan 800 printer over at Mama Speaks today.  This company, this brand, really gets it, and they value women bloggers and the voice we have and command.  We, ourselves, know our influence, and we all know we spend the majority of the money in the household, and it’s thrilling to see that finally companies are starting to take notice, and coming to us to help them spread the word.

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