Idea Book: Remember Those Fleeting Moments

by arianne

*me, at 6am, at the airport, no make up.  ALONE.

During my recent travel adventure, I was going it alone.  Just me on the plane, traveling to and from airports, in the hotel, etc.  All of my family travel has always been with at least one child and/or my husband, and all business travel has been with women I work with.  So this was my first time being all by myself and I must say, I loved it.  I can imagine if you had to do the solitary thing frequently,  it could grow lonesome, but for this mom of three boys and husband who works from home (read: we’re always together), I was elated to just worry about me, myself, and I for a change.

One of the things I finally made myself do for this trip was take an idea book with me.  This is just a blank journal type notebook (I use this one from Etsy), and I carried it on me at all times.  I wrote down inspirational things, ideas for blog posts, random objects that moved me, and more.  Just today, two weeks after the trip, I had a chance to sit down and turn the pages back and look at what I had written down.

One of the main themes that resonated with me was how–when you are alone with your thoughts–you really can take in your surroundings.  At one cart at the airport I saw a lemon bar and it reminded me of one friend.  As I went through security I saw a sign for the “family aisle” and was reminded of another friend who would be using that aisle very soon for a trip that meant the world to her.

What also struck me about my alone travel, and that I’m so grateful for my idea book of reminding me about, is that the solitude did not make me feel alone.  So many times we can be in a big crowd of people, friends, acquaintances, people we know, but feel entirely alone.  In my aloneness, surrounded by perfect strangers, I felt the energy, prayers, hearts of my friends and family.  Those little reminders of loved ones, looking at children the same age as my own, seeing couples in love, all of it made me feel surrounded by the comfort of home.

Try keeping an idea book with you, even if you aren’t travelling, because those radom and beautiful thoughts really do have an impact, and deserve to be savored!

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