BlissDom 08: A recap

by arianne

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This past weekend I had the chance to attend the BlissDom 08 conference, put on by Blissfully Domestic and One2One Network, entirely sponsored by Epson.  I knew it would be a fun time of networking and learning, meeting some of my favorite bloggers face to face, but I had no idea how fantastic it would be to finally see a piece of the South, and bond with smart women who I know now will have my back any time I call.

The weekend started by me finally meeting my fellow One2One team members, and seeing that yes, we were meant to work together.  They are fabulous and fun and so smart.  Loves.

Slowly the Nashville girls started sauntering in, and I soon realized that I couldn’t help but speak like them whenever I talked to them.  Apparently a southern belle lives inside me somewhere.  Who knew?!  I think she rarely gets out on a account of the hippy in me always stealing the spotlight.

I had the pleasure of seeing my darling Velveteen Mind again, this time having some real bonding, brainstorming, how-we-are-going-to-take-over-the-world talks.  I sat in her room with Mrs Fussypants, Looking Towards Heaven, Pensieve, Nester, Simple Mom, Emily and we dished about all things blogging.  Ya’ll they are AMAZING women, and you need to go make them you’re new best friends immediately.  Trust.

I saw how kind and welcoming women bloggers are (too many to list!), as I looked around the swanky lounge our conference was held in, and saw not a single person on the margins.  No one was alone, even if they came alone.  If you’ve never gone to an event where you could meet bloggers or tweeple in person, I encourage you to take the step and GO.  You won’t regret it, and you may even benefit in profound and multiple ways (like I have).

There was a professional photographer at the event, and we were able to immediately pop the memory card into the Epson Artisan 800 printers that were there, to see first hand how awesome the printers are, and to take home a little memory of the day.

We had panels all day, which I twittered about furiously (go to twitter search and look up #BlissDom08, or #BlissDom to see what I learned and thought about the day), and during our lunch break even had a private performance by new artist Jessie Baylin.  We got photo op’s with her afterward, where she was charming as ever (and I’m a new fan, have been playing her album on repeat ever since).  She was incredible, and perfect for the mood the day had set.  Smart, swanky and the place to be.

We ended the day with Blisstinis, a drink created just for that night.  We continued to chat about life, blogging, planning on new partnerships, brainstorming how to take our blogs and brands to the next level, and creating lasting bonds.

I’m so honored to be there representing not only myself and my blog, but also On2One Network.  We loved working with the Blissfully Domestic crew, and Epson’s generosity goes above and beyond.  They are a company that truly “gets” social media, and the power of the voice of women bloggers.

If you missed this one, stay tuned, because this was a “teaser” event, and the big BlissDom will be in February.  Mark your calendars now!

Edited to add: I’ll blame the fact that I’m still recovering from sheer exhaustion bliss as the reason I forgot to mention our lovely keynote speaker, Lynn Terry.  Check out her website, ClickNewz, and go see what brilliance she has going on, and how you can use it to take your blog even farther.

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