Jet-setting: BlissDom 08

by arianne

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I’m at the airport getting ready to board my plane, wondering how much I’m going to regret the fact that I left my video camera at home.  You see, I’m heading to Nashville (for the first time ever, I hear they talk funny there) to attend and help put on (with my new company, One2One Network, sign up if you haven’t already!) the BlissDom 08 conference.  It will be a weekend of smart ladies, food, networking and fun.  I do have my camera and plan on taking plenty of pictures of all the tom foolery that is sure to ensue.

Because I don’t have enough on my plate, and also because I adore her, I’ll be one of the experts on a panel at tonight’s virtual blog warming party at Resourceful Mommy at 9pm eastern.

I’m being called to board, see you all tonight!

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