Social Strategy At Its Best

by arianne

Have you ever decided on a goal, worked day and night for that goal, been entirely committed and passionate about what you were doing, and ended up achieving your goal in a new and better way, and setting new, higher, more amazing goals? It’s rare, it doesn’t always happen (many times we give up, give in or get lost) but right now it’s happening to me.

I mentioned in a previous post that I had been applying for a job. I thought that the job was everything I had been hoping for, but when I got the call that they were not picking me, I thought to myself, “here we go again, another dream lost.”. The good news? I only had literally about a minute to feel that way, because I immediately got a call that there was a different, perhaps even *better* job that was available, and that I was the person for that job.

In a whirlwind of calls and laughs and me barely breathing, I ended up being hired for that other job. A position much more suited for me (just as the other job was suited for the person who got that first position). And all at once it started sinking in that what I’d been working towards for weeks, months, perhaps years without realizing it, was coming to fruition. That I’d not hit the end of the road, but that I’d finally stepped onto that next stone in my life, onto the edge of tomorrow.

So, I’m excited to be able to share with all of you my new position, as Director of Community Development for One2One Network. I’ll be working on marketing, blogger outreach and social strategy. If you think it sounds cool–you’re right. Working with the bloggers I know and love, connecting them with the companies trying to reach them, it’s all so fun and so perfect for me. You can read the press release and feel all official here:

One2One Network Hires Arianne Segerman as Director of Community Development

And you can read all about One2One in that press release, and also go explore at the One2One Network site itself. It’s a network of word of mouth marketing focused on hip and fun women, and it’s Founder/CEO is the fabulous Barbara Jones, my new BFF. Barbara and I hit it off immediately, having many things in common personally, and having the same dry sense of humor we’ve been enjoying the first couple weeks working together (at least I have, let’s just pretend she has too). If you’re a woman of influence online, or in your circle of friends and family, be sure to head over to One2One right now and get signed up to try out the latest products, get freebies, and you may be contacted to take part in all this fun.

I’m so looking forward to where this edge of tomorrow leads, because I know it’s just the beginning to the next chapter of our lives. I am able to see how working hard sometimes *does* pay off, and I can’t wait to share with all of you my journey as it unfolds!

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