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While we recover from the flooding and work to get internet service back, allow me to show you some oldies but goodies…

Originally published October 1, 2007…

Last night at 1am after I finally got all my boys in bed, I managed to crawl into the shower and just breathe.  The shower is my own special sanctuary, and I try to get the water as hot as I can stand.  I let it run over my aching neck and back and pray the baby doesn’t wake.

I stayed in the shower for a good 30 minutes (probably my longest shower ever) and thought about the things that have been inspiring me lately.  Small things like looking at the big tree in our backyard, noticing 3 bright red leaves right at the top, and looking forward to when the entire tree is fiery and glowing.  Beautiful things like how perfect the weather is lately, or watching my sister’s pregnant belly grow day, by day, by day.  Fun things like the quirky music on my ipod, how my baby holds on to my chest for dear life when he sleeps, and the way my puppy snores loudly when she goes to sleep after her nightly walk.  I even reflected on things not so great…like the extra baby weight that isn’t coming off this time around, the incessant way my older boys bicker, or the ridiculous amount of hair that is falling out of my head every day (darn you postpartum hormones!).  So many little moments in life, such peace and profound beauty.

All these things can inspire creative writing in someone, and I love taking time to ponder each and every moment.  As I gave in and finally accepted it was time to turn off the water and return to the real world, I thanked God for my little respite, for the warmth and the quiet.  I thanked Him for the good times and the bad, and for keeping baby asleep just a little bit longer.

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