Flood? What Flood?

by arianne

If you follow me on Twitter, you know that we’ve had a rough weekend.  With Ike having descend upon the Country, many have it far worse than us right now.  But we are not without our special brand of drama.  This is a picture from yesterday looking out from my driveway:

Yeah, we’re experiencing a *tiny* bit of flooding.  I took this picture standing in my garage, so you can see where the water was.  Some really not smart person thought they were cool and tried to drive our street.  Since it finally stopped raining, the waters have receded somewhat, but it seems like this is going to take a long time to drain away.

With the Country focused on Texas, I’m pretty sure most people don’t realize the serious flooding going on in this area (Chicago/Northwest Indiana).  Our town received about 15 inches of rain in two days.  Seriously.

Thankfully we’ve not had any damage, but we have had close calls (like the pump getting overwhelmed and the water being a few small inches from flooding our basemnt), which means that our nerves are shot.

The kids alternate between being really excited and wanting to swim in it and asking if we can go buy a boat, and totally freaking out because they are so massively off routine and don’t understand “what is wrong with this world” (as my 4yo put it).

If you look in that picture you’ll see the two small transformer boxes on the right hand side.  The one on the left?  That’s our internet.  Yeah.  Mama is blogging from her sister’s house down the street right now.

It’s almost time to close the laptop and hike up my sweats and step into the frigid cold water and wade back down to my house.  I’m hoping I don’t encounter any wild life swimming around along the way, because slipping and dropping my computer and my phone in the river-that-used-to-be-my-street would really not be cool.  At all.

But we are very grateful, because yes, it could be SO. much. worse.

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